December 16 Stormy road trip

Roadtrip Recap, early season: December 16, 2007

Some pics of our shredding season so far in and around Ontario, Canada.. Mostly @ Mount St. Louis / Moonstone , the place to be on a nice stormy day such as this one when nobody else is on the roads….

Snow snakes on the road

Stuck behind a plowAs you can see we got stuck behind a plow, this occurred at about the Newmarket area, and we prettymuch followed them him up to just south of Barrie if I recall correct… You can’t see that well but there is a chain of about 5 plows in a flying V formation.


St Louis in Sight

Home stretch...Dumpg even more! As you can see it is basically dumping snow at this point, 1km from louis.


So after following the plows going about 40 km / hr for the first 1.5 hours, we are happy to be surfing some pow on the highway, and luckily had just put some snow tires on the Altima for this time out. Snow reports this day I think said 15-20 cm.. and they were right. The drive was sketchy at the best of times, and as a result we were one of the few warriors left on the road. With some careful driving and dodging a few cars who had found the ditch, we made it for around 10ish.




This was the first time my brand new board touched the snow…

First touch


This was I think our 2nd or 3rd time out for this season, and its already looking awesome. So many fresh tracks, virtually every run the snow covered up the old ones, and on top of that the roads were so treacherous that not many fellow boarders made it up so the park was ours for the whole day.



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