December 22nd, 2007 Recap – MSLM

December 22nd, 2007 : Tyler’s 3rd time out

So we finally convince Ty to come out with us again, after going twice last season, and he loves it. Riding my old Sims board and flow binding, keeps up with us for most of the day, nice job.

3 Bro's boardingHigh times are ahead!

Tyskie makes an appearance on the hills this year… after going only twice last season, and actually starts to carve and loves it, which was sweet.

ContactHardcoreStrapping in

Adam scores some relatively-empty park runs early, like a smart shredder knows to do in Ontario… He’s hardcore, so he hikes for another run. Good cardio, too.



2 responses to “December 22nd, 2007 Recap – MSLM

  1. yeah, snowboarding is the shit ;p

  2. I loved it because you actually knew how to set my board up.. unlike most of the “board shop” crews at the rental departments.

    We locked in a stance that was comfortable and I didn’t feel awkward at all.

    Have fun in Banff boys!

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