March 1st – Windy Day

This weekend we got some pretty decent boarding done, with snow reports calling for 5-10 cm in the area on Friday, we opted to head up Sat. morning instead of Fri. night to stay with a friend, who instead met us there. A bit of snow was falling on the way up early in the morning.

Adam Sweater

Adam forgot his coat, and as you might be able to tell from the picture, it is a frosty morning. He doubled up on sweaters and rocked the brown-on-brown for the morning, but still managed to get a nice face shot with some pow on a wind-blown face on the Moonstone side, as shown below…


This is for sure the best pow-slashing pic I’ve gotten this year… mainly because I set up in position before-hand right next to the powder mound. You can really see the wind in this picture being blown around on the slope in the background. Because half of this resort is man-made, there are fewer trees to break the wind, so it gets super windy.

Strapping In Snowbank

As you can see, lots of snow here. Although there are some icy patches underneath, because we got some rain mixed in throughout the last few weeks, and the wind really wreaks havoc on the powder as the day goes on and it gets slashed around on the slopes.

Matt Arrives

Finally Matt arrives, having had a late night before, and brings his spare coat with him. This coat is extremely ORANGE!! And was cool cause we didn’t have to look far for Adam the rest of the day.


You can see some “orange” coats in the line behind us – this coat puts them to shame. Such organgeliness has never been rocked at this Ski Resort before, and clearly people can’t handle the radness of it, and it causes several crashes due to temporary blindness.

**Update: Here goes another shot at embedding some video… Put this clip together this morning with some footage from the day, shot by me (Paul) for the most part, and Matt / Adam for the shots of me. The videos from this camera keep turning out a bit off-looking, you can see some weird green-glowing lines that follow the riders motion, this is most likely because this camera has been dropped (the LCD screen on the back does not even work either).





Click here to see a Slideshow of the entire day, tried embedding it into this blog but does not seem to work at all. Same thing with videos, and will hopefully figure that out soon because we got some sweet videos from today.


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