Best Ontario Winter since 1938!

So I didn’t realize how lucky we are in Ontario for snowboarding this season, until this weekend. Of course I have been loving virtually every weekend with fresh snow, and have taken full advantage of that. But now I can officially say, this is the most epic winter I’ve experienced in my life. Of course anyone who doesn’t like to snowboard or enjoy any winter activities is screwed, and have been griping and complaining and sitting inside drinking hot cocoa. The more snow for us weekend warriors the better, as far as we’re concerned.

Toronto harbor in 1938 – Looks like the Arctic…

**Update: Finished video from the day, again shot on my crappy HP digicam, hoping to get some new cameras soon before the trip out west.

So I glance at the Sat. edition of theToronto Star, and to my amazement see that the front page headline says we are on pace to beat the most accumulated snowfall (at Pearson airport) since 1938.

207.4 centimetres
176.8 centimetres so far(as of Saturday morning @6am.. still counting)

According to my calculations, that is a long freaking time. My parents were not born, and my grandfather was 12 when that happened. Too bad they didn’t really have a means to go skiing / boarding in that kind of a storm, as it was really more about survival at that point… But hey with snow tires and the will to shred, we have been fortunate enough to feast on powder this winter. The best weekends have been the Friday overnight / Saturday morning storms (which we have had like, ever other weekend it seems), as not too many are keen on making the 2-hour trek to Barrie and even locals wait out the storms.


Well it’s now March 8th, and to my surprise, we just experienced probably the biggest storm yet Since it didn’t really reach the Barrie region until later Saturday afternoon / evening, and since Glen Eden is only a 20 minute drive, we opted for glen. 12 runs, about 4 lifts and some T bars, but hey you can’t beat the distance, and this year they have a pretty solid, and progressive park. Some 20 footers, a 30, some 10’s and 15’s with some barrel bonks, and a modest selection of boxes and rails, the highlight of which being a “battleship box” which is about 1ft wide, super smooth, and I’d say about 10-15-10 up-flat-down.

Groomy powBank

This was the type of snow we had in the morning – groomer lines with about 2-3 cm on top to start, and lots more falling.

Highlights of the day: Learning tons of new tricks with soft powdery landings, no lift lines, park to ourselves for the most part.

Lowlights: Adam messing up his elbow with a light fracture / sprain… By attempting a jump from the chairlift… D’oh!, the crazy sideways windy snow in our faces, the hail-type pellet snow later in the day, and me hip-checking the battleship box.

Front porch
View that awaited me from my front porch at home… Since this picture (taken at around 5pm) another 10-15 has fallen… tomorrow should be some even better boarding 😀

2 responses to “Best Ontario Winter since 1938!

  1. I live in Florida & I just want to get away from March 22-25 to see snow. What do you suggest if I was to fly in to Toronto International Airport? Thanks 954-651-1836

  2. Hi Jean Marc,

    If you are heading up to Toronto just for the snow… I must warn you, our hills are small, and Quebec (province next to us), as well as Vermont and New York have larger hills. Quebec is really your best bet for the east, specifically Mt. Tremblant if you are looking for all-inclusive.

    If you are set on Toronto, then you should know all of the decent sized resorts are about 2-2.5 hours north of the city, with Blue Mountain being the largest, and best accommodation. Mount St. Louis is closer, with great snow and terrain parks. Horseshoe Valley is another option close by to MSLM, and is similar in size, but with not as well-maintained terrain parks. If you go to the “ontario terrain review” page on my blog, I talk a bit more about why we love MSLM, which is my personal favorite.


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