Here is an excerpt from a recent post on the Volcom website. I have heard about this place a few times through magazines and friends, but had never really checked it out until recently. If you haven’t already heard of it, and you love hitting fresh powder, you might want to check it out. Though at my current phase in life it is out of my price range… One day, this looks like a hell of an experience.

How does one explain in words how mind-bending a trip to Baldface is? One doesn’t! Certain things in life have to be experienced in order to be understood. Just as scoring the hottest chick would only be half as fun if you couldn’t tell your mates about it afterwards, just as fun it is to repeatedly smear “Yes, it was THAT DEEP” all over the sorry and miserable faces of your friends that missed out on the pow when YOU scored…. Rest of post

You’ve got to read the whole post, and do yourself a favor and check out their website while you’re at it. This place looks truly EPIC in so many ways. Meanwhile, our trip that is planned for April 3rd to Banff is looking decent, they are getting snow pretty consistently, albeit not as much as I had hoped. This is the price you pay for booking 3 months in advance, however.


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