Ontario Season – Final Day Out

This time of year we don’t expect much from mother nature in terms of fresh snow, but March has been pretty good to us boarders this year. That being said, we have had a few snow days, mixed in with equal parts warm, or even sometimes rainy days to counter that, so it was up in the air, but decided to give MSLM one more go at it, seeing as how they had a 92-117 cm base, and the forecast was sunny, what did we have to lose? Well aside from injuring myself 12 days before my Banff sping-boarding trip, basically nothing.

My cousin Petra

My younger cousin Petra, stoked to be out her 12th time this season
Someone must have been bored while operating the lifts, not surprising as the crowds this weekend were non-existent!


Billabong was here today sponsoring an all-girls slopestyle contest, consisting of these two boxes, the re-shaped jump, and the wave box at the bottom section. They were actually blasting some good beats and didn’t take over the whole park so that was pretty rad.

You can’t see it too well unless you click on the pic for full-size, but check out the guy on the snowmobile, nice getup.

Last time using this camera for boarding I think, as the video quality is attrocious, and picture lag time hardly worth it for action shots… Can’t wait to buy my new Lumix… Still having trouble deciding between new Lumix DMC-TZ5A with the added frills, or to just go for the insane value of last years model the DMC-TZ3K… which is solid as a rock but lacks the ability to zoom in while shooting video that it’s predecessor has, plus a bit smaller resolution on the photos and videos. Trip to Banff in 11 days… Pretty much salivating at this point, even though they have had an alltogethor below-average season in terms of snowfall, but continue to get small amounts here and there. Hope to be keeping this updated during the trip as my old P-iii laptop is now wireless equippped šŸ™‚


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