Sunshine Village – Day One

April 5, 2008

After touring Banff / Calgary for most of the first day and realizing we wouldn’t have time to board, we pretty much got all of the non-boarding stuff out of the way and today was the first day waking up in Banff. We tried to make the first bus [7:50 AM pickup from our resort], but ended up watching it drive away while trying to grab our stuff and run after it. We grabbed the 8:30, and it was packed as this was a Saturday and the weekend crowds are big that come in from alberta cities. There was 5 cm of fresh snow at the base and it was pretty fun, just taking in the view was enough, and we snapped a bunch of pics because it was sunny off and on.

Bus ride... with a view

First lift up, into the clouds

First ride up of the trip… into the clouds. We literally couldn’t see a thing on our first ride down, and we still ripped it through the trees and ended up right behind the hotel we’ll be staying on the 8th šŸ˜€

This picture really doesn’t do the cliff justice, better ones on Adams cam…

Get out of the way Adam… you are blocking that sweet view

If a raised pickup is a “cowboy caddie” in AB, then this must be a cowboy rolls royce

Just got back from our 2nd day at Sunshine and thats when I posted this, have some more amazing pics as today there was 11 cm of snow… on top of the 5 from yesterday…. Tomorrow (Monday) going to Lake Louise


2 responses to “Sunshine Village – Day One

  1. Jason Petznick

    glad to see you guys got new snow while you were out there. how ridiculous is it that blue is still planning on being open this weekend? haven’t seen that in a while.

  2. Man blue was open this weekend??? That’s nuts. We definitely got lucky with our snowfall, ended up getting 26 cm in the 6 days there! Score!

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