Sunshine Village – Day Two

April 6, 2008

This was our second day of boarding, and were planning on going to Lake Louise, but when we woke up the snow reports said Sunshine had gotten 11cm so that made our decision easy. With the 5 from a day ago plus this fresh stuff there was great coverage and it was well worth it. Had a bit of a mishap with my camera (slashed a wave of powder into the lens) so the pics are a bit less that I would have liked, but we were much too busy just shredding every bit of fresh stuff we could find, and the traffic on the hills was decent for a weekend day.

This shot turned out awesome, one of my favorites from the trip. Believe it or not, Adam made it through this tree opening without much contact, but in the photo it looks like he’s going to collide. This was on the wawa ridge, and was later on in the day once my camera had been cleaned up.

Right after going thru the tree, I had the cam on burst-shot.

If it werent for the fresh snow, these runs would have been pretty nasty, as they get scraped down underneath. With a nice 16cm in 2 days though, they were tons of fun as you could make turns with confidence.

All in all this was the best snow we had the whole trip, but neiher of us were fully warmed up to the boarding, so the powder tired us out pretty damn good.


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