West Trip Day 5 – Lake Louise

Well I have been pretty lazy with updating this blog but am going to be getting back into it, as it looks like I’ll be heading out west… That didn’t take long after the trip, did it? This will allow me to be there come October, and get out to the resorts in person to apply and get set up for the winter season. Should be good, and I’ll most likely be posting from my cross-Canada road trip 🙂

For now, here is our 5th day of the trip, 3rd day boarding. Decided to hit up Lake Louise as Sunshine only had a bit of new snow, and we knew we’d want to see the Lake at least once. We knew they did not have as much snow, and some first-hand reports said it was downright icy. They were right. This added onto the fact that we were hung over, and super tired from the past 2 days of ripping it @ Sunshine, basically turned the day into an icy shitshow, but it was fun nonetheless – the views alone were worth it.

Animal Bridges

These bridges are for the wildlife… They don’t fuck around when it comes to conservation in Banff National Park!

Enter… Le Gondola

Top of the bowls… We found small amounts of some untracked here, but had to work for it.

Top of Ptarmagin, since I was feeling like ass, took a lot of scenic shots here.

It didn’t take long before we hit the bar… Had quite a bit of time to kill before that bus too.

The lodge… This shot turned out pretty sweet I thought.

This crow was creeping me out… Looking all picturesque and shit…

Finally some clouds cleared up just before we hopped on the bus. It was a looooooong bus ride back followed up by some nice cold Grasshoppers waiting for us. Thus concludes our Lake Louise adventure, it seems to be an amazing resort with lots more vert than Sunshine, but typically worse snow conditions, as it’s reputation had advertised. I can see why the locals say though, on a big storm day if both resorts got hit, you’d want to come here while it’s still good. Sunshine, on the other hand, keeps the snow soft & fluffy for much longer.


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