09 Season is Coming… Stoked!

Well, this summer has flown by for me, with 3 different jobs at different times, moving / driving across the country, and now coming to rest right at the foot of the rockies, it’s been a pretty interesting summer.  Right now I am living in Calgary, with a friend, while Adam is still in ON hoping to get out here in time for the season.

If anyone has a place in Banff or knows people who might have vacancied hit me up because depending on whether or not I get a job on-hill, might be looking.

Shred mags have hit the shelves – already read Transworld’s first issue back-to-back while bored at work (watering lawns… lots of downtime), and just picked up SBC’s buyer’s guide issue (which is basically just a full issue, with a buyers guide included, as opposed to TW stand-alone guide which I didn’t bother with. Plus im broke so who needs a buyers guide?)  Also grabbed Document Snowboard 50th issue.

Shred vids are coming soon enough, have read a ton of good reviews, notabely Forum’s new release ‘Forum or Against ‘Em’, Absinthe Films – Ready, and of course Double Decade from MDP.  I suspect the amazing season experienced throughout most of North America should give birth to some pretty awesome shred flicks.

Also if you want to know what’s going on with the Canadian snowboard scene check out Frontlipped, on my blogroll as they update pretty frequently with various info from a Canadian perspective – right on eh!

Nice view

Anyways that finishes my random snowboarding thoughts as Sept rolls in to Calgary and it’s about 4 degrees already here, and seeing that snow already sticking to the mountains really solidifies the fact that the season is a knockin’.  PB


One response to “09 Season is Coming… Stoked!

  1. dude, that’s awesome! a friend of mine just took off and is living in banff now.
    looks like i’m heading a little bit further west to b.c., once all the details are hammered out i’ll be sure to break the story.
    p.s. thanks for the shout-out man!

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