Fresh mags, vids, and soon tracks

The shift has oficially started, migration towards the best snow was inevitable for me as my obsession with snowboarding grows, and now I am at the foot of the Rockies hoping to score me some endless powder this winter.  Yes the pre-season is in full swing with new mags, flicks, products, events all coming up on the radar daily, it’s a matter of trying to keep up with the news instead of scouring the net for any.

During the summer snowboarding is usually a distant memory, and I might throw in the occasional shred flick or go wakeboarding, nothing really compares to that feeling you get when you know the snow will soon fall, and first tracks will soon be yours.  Well finally IT’S HERE!!!!  To prove this to myself I ended up giving the board a full edge tune / wax and spent a good few hours while watching shred flicks and getting my bindings stance juuuust right.

Currently, here is a list of a few random things that I’m currently stoked on in snowboarding, and is keeping me fueled until the season oficially begins.

  • Stepchild Downloaded – new web-only 30 minute installments from the team, first one just launched.  It provides an interesting view on their season, filling in all the gaps in between filming, contests, etc.
  • New boards! So many beautiful new boards, not that I can afford new wood this year, but if I could it would most likely one from the new Stepchild lineup (new pow sucks won a tw good wood award), or from Never Summer industries.  Love their designs and would like to try out a reverse camber board one day.
  • New flicks!  This season I won’t have as much disposable income as last, but still plan on buying at least 2 of the new lineup of films.  Will be tough to choose, but at least there will be some previews for me to check out beforehand.  For some good previews check out the sept TWS mag.
  • Big Screen Shows: Burton ‘It’s always snowing somewhere’ plays October 16th in Calgary ; Alterna Action Films ‘Knockout’ is October 15th downtown.
  • New mags!  Have grabbed as many as possible thus far, finishing TWS’ first edition, SBC’s product guide edition, and just grabbed Document Snowboard and Snowboard magazine – don’t miss the article about Todd Richards in that one, good stuff!

See told ya winter is coming look how much snow is atop Mt. Rundle


2 responses to “Fresh mags, vids, and soon tracks

  1. Jason Petznick

    good stuff man, i’m pumped for the toronto snowboard show. they’re premiering “it’s always snowing somewhere”, “knockout”, “no correct way” and “forum or against’em” in a span of two nights.
    the stepchild video was tight too.
    thanks for the props on the new banner, always love to hear any feedback whatsoever.
    it’s not me and i actually have no clue who it is, the photog who sent it to me said he could find out but i wasn’t too worried!
    hope the mountains are being good to you

  2. Another Good wordpress post, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my Furl account. Have a awesome evening.

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