SB4L Revival

I am going to get this blog back in action. For the past 3 years since last updating, I have been busy moving around western Canada, from Banff, to

Vancouver, and now find myself back in Ontario. It’s been a wild ride with a lot of snowboarding. I have tons of photos that I’ll be posting on here from those adventures.

Not sure exactly what it will look like, but my plan is to organize all the great links to a wealth of information out there relating to snowboarding, mountain lifestyle, and sharing the passion that has taken over my life.

Probably will throw up some non-snowboarding related stuff too as I have become a lot more

politically and socially conscious. Snowboarding changed my life once I decided to really pursue it, and continues to do so. I hope to give back something to the community, by sharing my


experience and viewpoints. If anything it will be somewhere to look back and reminisce on the

good times.


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