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Winter 2012 / 2013 Forecast ( Eastern North America)   Some good news in the long-term forecasts for any fellow weather geeks and snow-junkies out there.   November 20121st-3rd. Sunny to partly cloudy.4th-7th. Stormy, especially over central and eastern ontario, where accumulating … Continue reading

What Is Snowboarding?

This man speaks the soul of snowboarding.


SB4L Revival

I am going to get this blog back in action. For the past 3 years since last updating, I have been busy moving around western Canada, from Banff, to

Vancouver, and now find myself back in Ontario. It’s been a wild ride with a lot of snowboarding. I have tons of photos that I’ll be posting on here from those adventures.

Not sure exactly what it will look like, but my plan is to organize all the great links to a wealth of information out there relating to snowboarding, mountain lifestyle, and sharing the passion that has taken over my life.

Probably will throw up some non-snowboarding related stuff too as I have become a lot more

politically and socially conscious. Snowboarding changed my life once I decided to really pursue it, and continues to do so. I hope to give back something to the community, by sharing my


experience and viewpoints. If anything it will be somewhere to look back and reminisce on the

good times.

World Snowboard Day! ?

Billy Mays & DC team up for "Enjoy the ride MORE" infomercials

Billy Mays & DC team up for "Enjoy the ride MORE" infomercials

Well happy world snowboard day everyone.  Here at Sunshine Village you wouldn’t really know it – they did nothing for the event.  But who cares as long as you were out shredding on something and getting stoked then it was a good day!  Found these hilarious DC infomercials about their new boards with Billy Mays the infomercial legend, they are good for a laugh or two – I was laughing my ass off but that could have been the booze as well.

Stoneham in QC is doing a 200ft rail in an attempt to beat the 179 ft record, that’s about the coolest thing I heard of any resort doing.  Anyone else have something going down at their local hill?

Hoping for warmer temps here in Banff… today was the ‘warmest’ day in the last few week and we hit -15 up at SSV village area.  Cold temp. wax was a good investment to say the least…

Pray to the Snow Gods

November 10th, 2008

Well it’s been pretty a pretty mild start to our season so far, and the snow hasn’t exactly been blanketing us yet.  Everyone seems to be broke here in Banff, and it’s really quiet around town, nothing to do here at the moment other than watch shred vids and build small patches with whatever snow is around.

Mt Rundle sunrise

Mt Rundle Sunrise

This week, however in and around Banff is forecasted to get some snow, and if my favorite site is correct, then Sunshine is going to get some decent snow around 25, Kicking Horse will get pounded too with 40ish, as with most resorts as a nice looking storm is coming in.  Tonight it was already snowing in Banff, which is a good sign!


Mt Rundle Sunset

So do the snow dance and pray to the snow gods, and the snow will come for the Canadian Rockies soon enough…  And take what you can get for now, as Lake Louise is open with 1 run 1 lift, I ended up going there this weekend, will be posting with Frontlipped with the story as part of a season kickoff, so check that out.

Banff Elk

Banff Elk

Fresh mags, vids, and soon tracks

The shift has oficially started, migration towards the best snow was inevitable for me as my obsession with snowboarding grows, and now I am at the foot of the Rockies hoping to score me some endless powder this winter.  Yes the pre-season is in full swing with new mags, flicks, products, events all coming up on the radar daily, it’s a matter of trying to keep up with the news instead of scouring the net for any.

During the summer snowboarding is usually a distant memory, and I might throw in the occasional shred flick or go wakeboarding, nothing really compares to that feeling you get when you know the snow will soon fall, and first tracks will soon be yours.  Well finally IT’S HERE!!!!  To prove this to myself I ended up giving the board a full edge tune / wax and spent a good few hours while watching shred flicks and getting my bindings stance juuuust right.

Currently, here is a list of a few random things that I’m currently stoked on in snowboarding, and is keeping me fueled until the season oficially begins.

  • Stepchild Downloaded – new web-only 30 minute installments from the team, first one just launched.  It provides an interesting view on their season, filling in all the gaps in between filming, contests, etc.
  • New boards! So many beautiful new boards, not that I can afford new wood this year, but if I could it would most likely one from the new Stepchild lineup (new pow sucks won a tw good wood award), or from Never Summer industries.  Love their designs and would like to try out a reverse camber board one day.
  • New flicks!  This season I won’t have as much disposable income as last, but still plan on buying at least 2 of the new lineup of films.  Will be tough to choose, but at least there will be some previews for me to check out beforehand.  For some good previews check out the sept TWS mag.
  • Big Screen Shows: Burton ‘It’s always snowing somewhere’ plays October 16th in Calgary ; Alterna Action Films ‘Knockout’ is October 15th downtown.
  • New mags!  Have grabbed as many as possible thus far, finishing TWS’ first edition, SBC’s product guide edition, and just grabbed Document Snowboard and Snowboard magazine – don’t miss the article about Todd Richards in that one, good stuff!

See told ya winter is coming look how much snow is atop Mt. Rundle

09 Season is Coming… Stoked!

Well, this summer has flown by for me, with 3 different jobs at different times, moving / driving across the country, and now coming to rest right at the foot of the rockies, it’s been a pretty interesting summer.  Right now I am living in Calgary, with a friend, while Adam is still in ON hoping to get out here in time for the season.

If anyone has a place in Banff or knows people who might have vacancied hit me up because depending on whether or not I get a job on-hill, might be looking.

Shred mags have hit the shelves – already read Transworld’s first issue back-to-back while bored at work (watering lawns… lots of downtime), and just picked up SBC’s buyer’s guide issue (which is basically just a full issue, with a buyers guide included, as opposed to TW stand-alone guide which I didn’t bother with. Plus im broke so who needs a buyers guide?)  Also grabbed Document Snowboard 50th issue.

Shred vids are coming soon enough, have read a ton of good reviews, notabely Forum’s new release ‘Forum or Against ‘Em’, Absinthe Films – Ready, and of course Double Decade from MDP.  I suspect the amazing season experienced throughout most of North America should give birth to some pretty awesome shred flicks.

Also if you want to know what’s going on with the Canadian snowboard scene check out Frontlipped, on my blogroll as they update pretty frequently with various info from a Canadian perspective – right on eh!

Nice view

Anyways that finishes my random snowboarding thoughts as Sept rolls in to Calgary and it’s about 4 degrees already here, and seeing that snow already sticking to the mountains really solidifies the fact that the season is a knockin’.  PB