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Sunshine Cliff Session

Thursday, November 27th

Had a really good session today at Sunshine (also my friend Justin’s bday session! =), it was a bit cloudy but the sun was shining through for most of the day creating sort of a dull sunlight.  This was good until about 2 when it started to get a bit flat-light, but this was once we had gotten to know the cliff.  After doing about 4 chairs once we got there – 1 strawberry 3 angel, 1 of which to grab Justin’s gloves off the 16th chair of ang. express.

Justin entering le-wawa side-country, or slack country as a recent TW snow mag read.
Justin entering le-wawa sidecountry, or “slack country” as a recent TW snow mag read.
Justin, stoked
Justin, not so stoked right after the 45min initial hike.  We had some refreshments at the top.
Decent slope on the landing, could have been a bit steeper

Next was a trek up Wawa, past the gates off the green run on the left side and towards the weather station ridge, but not all the way up as we became interested in these wind-blown cliff drops which although were technically cornices which can be bad, we tested the snowpack enough to make sure that it was decent, and decent it was – soft landings on the 30ish degree slope that lay below, so this is where the session started and just kept progressing from hitting the natural cliff then building a small kicker to get a bit more air time.

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Revelstoke Mountain Resort Inaugural Season

It’s not too often that a new resort opens, especially one as epic looking as this place. Although they have been open for cat and heli boarding / skiing for years now, but this season starting Dec. 20th, 2007 have opened with lifts as well. I have a feeling this place is going to blow up, especially considering the impressive stats it claims, and epic looking pow accessible by three ways, cat, heli, or lift.


Ridiculous Stats:

  • Extension of the gondola from the upper village to the village base, increasing the vertical by 885 feet. With a total of 5,620 feet, Revelstoke Mountain Resort will have the longest lift-serviced vertical descent in North America!
  • Construction of a new, high-speed quad chairlift in the North Bowl area, opening up an additional 900 acres of intermediate terrain (ski runs and tree skiing), as well as 300 additional acres of expert skiing.
  • Extensive glading and trail cutting throughout the resort’s ski terrain.
  • Purchase of two snowcats (one winch cat and one grooming cat).
  • Expansion of Revelstoke Cat Skiing’s terrain to 2,210 acres.
  • Increased glading and run development within the existing 500,000 acres of Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Skiing’s tenured terrain.

Image courtesy of the Revelstoke website

West Trip Day 5 – Lake Louise

Well I have been pretty lazy with updating this blog but am going to be getting back into it, as it looks like I’ll be heading out west… That didn’t take long after the trip, did it? This will allow me to be there come October, and get out to the resorts in person to apply and get set up for the winter season. Should be good, and I’ll most likely be posting from my cross-Canada road trip 🙂

For now, here is our 5th day of the trip, 3rd day boarding. Decided to hit up Lake Louise as Sunshine only had a bit of new snow, and we knew we’d want to see the Lake at least once. We knew they did not have as much snow, and some first-hand reports said it was downright icy. They were right. This added onto the fact that we were hung over, and super tired from the past 2 days of ripping it @ Sunshine, basically turned the day into an icy shitshow, but it was fun nonetheless – the views alone were worth it.

Animal Bridges

These bridges are for the wildlife… They don’t fuck around when it comes to conservation in Banff National Park!

Enter… Le Gondola

Top of the bowls… We found small amounts of some untracked here, but had to work for it.

Top of Ptarmagin, since I was feeling like ass, took a lot of scenic shots here.

It didn’t take long before we hit the bar… Had quite a bit of time to kill before that bus too.

The lodge… This shot turned out pretty sweet I thought.

This crow was creeping me out… Looking all picturesque and shit…

Finally some clouds cleared up just before we hopped on the bus. It was a looooooong bus ride back followed up by some nice cold Grasshoppers waiting for us. Thus concludes our Lake Louise adventure, it seems to be an amazing resort with lots more vert than Sunshine, but typically worse snow conditions, as it’s reputation had advertised. I can see why the locals say though, on a big storm day if both resorts got hit, you’d want to come here while it’s still good. Sunshine, on the other hand, keeps the snow soft & fluffy for much longer.

Sunshine Village – Day Two

April 6, 2008

This was our second day of boarding, and were planning on going to Lake Louise, but when we woke up the snow reports said Sunshine had gotten 11cm so that made our decision easy. With the 5 from a day ago plus this fresh stuff there was great coverage and it was well worth it. Had a bit of a mishap with my camera (slashed a wave of powder into the lens) so the pics are a bit less that I would have liked, but we were much too busy just shredding every bit of fresh stuff we could find, and the traffic on the hills was decent for a weekend day.

This shot turned out awesome, one of my favorites from the trip. Believe it or not, Adam made it through this tree opening without much contact, but in the photo it looks like he’s going to collide. This was on the wawa ridge, and was later on in the day once my camera had been cleaned up.

Right after going thru the tree, I had the cam on burst-shot.

If it werent for the fresh snow, these runs would have been pretty nasty, as they get scraped down underneath. With a nice 16cm in 2 days though, they were tons of fun as you could make turns with confidence.

All in all this was the best snow we had the whole trip, but neiher of us were fully warmed up to the boarding, so the powder tired us out pretty damn good.

Sunshine Village – Day One

April 5, 2008

After touring Banff / Calgary for most of the first day and realizing we wouldn’t have time to board, we pretty much got all of the non-boarding stuff out of the way and today was the first day waking up in Banff. We tried to make the first bus [7:50 AM pickup from our resort], but ended up watching it drive away while trying to grab our stuff and run after it. We grabbed the 8:30, and it was packed as this was a Saturday and the weekend crowds are big that come in from alberta cities. There was 5 cm of fresh snow at the base and it was pretty fun, just taking in the view was enough, and we snapped a bunch of pics because it was sunny off and on.

Bus ride... with a view

First lift up, into the clouds

First ride up of the trip… into the clouds. We literally couldn’t see a thing on our first ride down, and we still ripped it through the trees and ended up right behind the hotel we’ll be staying on the 8th 😀

This picture really doesn’t do the cliff justice, better ones on Adams cam…

Get out of the way Adam… you are blocking that sweet view

If a raised pickup is a “cowboy caddie” in AB, then this must be a cowboy rolls royce

Just got back from our 2nd day at Sunshine and thats when I posted this, have some more amazing pics as today there was 11 cm of snow… on top of the 5 from yesterday…. Tomorrow (Monday) going to Lake Louise