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What’s Happening in Banff

Well I expected cold when moving out to the Rockies but the past two days redefined the word entirely… Apparently Banff hit record lows set 80+ years ago in the past two days, Sunday waking up to -32 C, and Monday was -41 C, which hit -42 C by 9AM!!!  Luckily there was no wind so if you were properly layered and kept active it wasn’t that bad aside from beards / eyebrows freezing within minutes, not to mention beers turning to slush halfway through drinking them…

And what better way to stay active than to head out to our secret mini-park to continue building the jumps?  Some considered us crazy for doing this in -30 to -40 temps, but there is nothing better than shoveling a ton of snow to keep you warm and energized.  Due to the extreme cold testing our jumps / features wasn’t really an option as they had to set properly, but things are starting to come togethor and look pretty sick… Will post some pics soon of the progression as it’s been a work-in-progress, starting with milk crates and palletes ‘borrowed’ from the industrial area… We swear we will return them in the spring.

With 15 days put in so far including 3 fresh pow days, it’s been a killer season so far and I can’t complain.  Tomrrow we are hitting up Kicking Horse for the first time, so pretty stoked about that and will have a post about it for sure.

Frontlipped has been kicking out some good stuff lately now that Jason has the net again, so check them out – also look for the Lake Louise opening day post that I contributed 🙂

Lastly fingers crossed for TJ Schnieder as he took a pretty harsh bail after launching the biggest air I’ve ever seen at Sunshine on Dec. 2nd…  I was up this day but working, and didn’t realize his crew was up there, too bad as it would have been fun to shred with them.  They sure picked a good day as we had 20cm of fresh that morning – it was epic.


Calgary to Banff – Day One

April 4, 2008

Here are some of the better pics of the 260 that I snapped today with the new camera… Started out when I woke up before anyone this morning, stoked to be in Calgary knowing where we’d be going that day, and pretty much didn’t stop taking photos all day.

SW boonies of cgy, with foggy mountains

The view from the 22… Highway 22x , southwest of calgary while driving around in the AMNice view - Rock stars

rock stars 3

Cloudy day but we had to take in a nice view of the city before heading to banffthe trip officially begins

Coors light easy? difficult!

Tourist camera stop # 1...

taller than mountain

Best scenic shot of the day as voted by us

hellooooo banff

bow falls - trail closed my ass

bow fallz 2

adam vs deer

Adam vs deer … round oneadam vs deer 2

Don’t feed those deers.. don’t do it adam!!!